Last night I asked Twitter at large to submit their favorite tweet of all time for a special Viewer's Choice edition of Twitter Tuesday. What they said next will shock you!

Thanks to the contributors who rattled off these great tweets! In no particular order they are @alexlifschitz, @jakefogelnest, @mushboom, @wochie, @othersome, @brockwilbur, @scottallen, @initfo, @CrashburnAlley, @mattytalks, @you_mean_vulva, @ChadHoy, @thomashiba, @erasmuslijn, @TurdGuy, @youranalogbuddy, @stevecoy, @pizzaboyfriend, @Mickey_McCauley, @twistocrat, @JTrainNeil, @ADumbFlowers, and @TBH42. They have good taste, so maybe you should follow them.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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