Welcome to the Webcam Ward where we magically make the unwatchable watchable! In this week's update, we'll take a look at stirring political commentary with prophecies all the way from Canada!

Obama Rant!

Added: January 22, 2009
Description: "* I am not racist. I just have beliefs."
User: dxcheBagFace
Rating: 3.5 / 5 (9 Votes)
Views: 287

Best Viewer Comment: cockpumpjadon69: "AMANDA fack ur so smart hahaha this is coolio hahaha his sister is chinese ps u make a PRETTYFUL cat."

That does it for this week at the Webcam Ward and if you run into a downright horrible video on the world wide web, let us know!

– Steve "Khad" Grant & Michael "Slowbeef" Sawyer

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