It appears that our Alaskan college student did not appreciate being showcased on the Webcam Ward. In fact, he made a video to express how he felt!

He also sent me these wonderful emails!

Just so you know, Just Sayin' - vol. 4 reached another couple hundred views in the
last few hours it was posted on my channel. The average rating went down from 4.5/5
to 1/5, and it earned about 50 comments all containing some variation of the word
Faggot. Kudos to the one user who somehow found out I was actually homosexual
(technically bi, but what the fuck ever, right?), because they actually apologized
in another comment. At the request of users commenting on my channel in general, I
won't "ever, ever, ever" upload another video again, and I'll be sure to keep my
eyebrows in check at the risk of looking like a "goddamn Muppet", which I also
noticed is something you guys at SA picked up on.
And thank you so much for the witty commentary! Now that I know for sure the video
wasn't just a re-embedding of the original (which is the most any normal
scared-shitless teenager could hope for), my ten-minute super-fab rant about nothing
has been reduced to a laughtrack for "a Carl Sagan thing" or "the Royal Family" -
none of which I would know about because I'm a know-nothing Native from a fucking
small town in Alaska, with extra emphasis on the Fucking. Plus, it goes without
saying that whatever message I might've hidden in the video now matters less than
the opinion of Squaids-ridden trolls hiding behind LOLFAG spamments, which is
probably how it should have been since I first started a YouTube account.
Love the thumbnail you chose for my headshot, by the way. I look stoned out of my
fucking mind. Brings back memories. I've also been a drinker since I was 18, but
somehow I'm still a virgin... Both kinds of virgin. If there's anything else you
want to tag me for, just let me know.

The first email appears to just be the script he used for the video. Thanks, I guess!

A day later, Mr. Lind had this to say:

so, i need to apologize. i was a dick earlier, and i'm still learning that i need to
lighten the fuck up. we cool? now, if you check my youtube page, i salvaged one
upload you're more than welcome to tear apart, with my blessing
seriously, it's been fun. i just wish i started following your website a lot sooner!
love, peace, and chicken grease.

Quite a turnaround!

That does it for this week at the Webcam Ward and if you run into a downright horrible video on the world wide web, let us know!

– Steve "Khad" Grant & Michael "Slowbeef" Sawyer

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