Adult Swim

You know, you'd think something called Adult Swim would have more than a few adults posting on it. If that warning about how the Adult Swim programs are not to be viewed by people under the age of 14 were actually heeded, no one would ever watch that damn thing.

This section's comments were written by FYAD. Every so often they ask me if they could write for Weekend Web and today I am just lazy and stupid enough to oblige! Take it FYAD!

hey here is a funny picture welcome to the web site thanks spooker - "TAOC"

lol what a faggot - "penifSMASH!"

looks like this guy still has an i.o.u. in his brain and it says "i.o.u. one brain signed god" - "FYAD MAJORDOMO"

thats excellent you could be a writer!! - "Hot Dog Day #71"

hi my name is spokker this is a comment it is funny - "schmitty9800"

omg i hate wops spics chinks wetbacks kikes cameljockeys and honkies but i love me some grandmas - "kuribo"

If being a ginormous faggot was a super hero, this guy would be fighting crime. - "Epicutioner"

This post sure is something awful get it? - "Epicutioner"

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