Over the last half a year or so The Weekend Web has hurt a lot of people. Looking back I regret many of the things I have said and done to the people we have featured in this article. I want to take this opportunity to say I'm sorry to the hundreds of internet forum posters I may have hurt.

I apologize to you Sasami Kawaii whose South African anime forum has inspired us all.

I must say sorry to the Counter-Strike Forums whose wholesome and wacky antics amuse us all. You folks truly make the game what it is today.

I musn't forget BabyCenter. I give my most heartfelt apologizes to you fine folks. Keep on raising such great children.

And most of all I apologize to Boy Bliss, a group of people who I have hurt immensely. The world simply doesn't understand you guys. Keep the dream alive.

I am truly sorry. I take back everything I have said and hope you that accept my apologizes. I am sorry.

Sorry you are all a bunch of fuckups.


Proving that blue text on a black background is simply the best color scheme for an internet forum, it's KickBanned! A wretched hive of scumbags that are too stupid for the rest of the internet.

A real bunch of winners they are.

Vandalism is cool!

Unless you are going to show your tits nobody wants to read anything you have to say.

"Goddess of Kickbanned". Sounds great on a resume.

Hahaha it took a fucking year for his horrible thread to get one reply.

I'm crying for you buddy. I really am.

Just chiming in to say I have not seen this film but posting anyway.

Someone please help this guy learn how to register another email address so he can spy on this great forum.

I'm cool because the air conditioner is on.

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