The internet ratings just came out today and I am happy to say that Weekend Web is moving on up. We have placed 3,045th this month with a .000000000012 share! I have posted a snippet of the ratings book here for you to see.

3,041. Sneezing Fetish Forum
3,044. Pigeon Watch UK Forums
3,045. Weekend Web
3,046. The Best Page In The Universe

Thanks to everyone for your awesome support and keeping the show on far longer than it should be!

Animated Lust

There are people out there who lust after animated characters. They post on a forum called Animated Lust. This is exactly why cousins should not have children together.

If you have any disagreements about "KorbenDallas'" little list here you can always find him/her working the graveyard shift at your local Wal-Greens. When you need condoms and spermicide in a hurry "KorbenDallas" has got you covered.

You know, "BiddyBot's" parents said it was only a phase he was going through. That was until they caught him masturbating to A Bug's Life coloring book he got at the Goodwill store, in the Goodwill store.

Meet new people and try to develop relationships based on a common ground. Find out if you have similiar interests. Strike up a conversation about something you enjoy. For example, "Hey Molly, have you ever had dreams where you are sucking Simba's cock and Pinnochio is ramming benwal balls up your asshole?"

You know, if he could fit half as much information about biology that he has about gay anime in his brain he might just cure cancer.

Contact me on AIM so we can roleplay. You be Inspector Gadget and I'll be Penny and you say, "GO GO GADGET COCKRING!" and we'll go from there.

Sigh. Why are the nice guys always gay?

I would have picked Lucy.

4. Ask him/her why they are not making eye contact and walking away.
5. Make a scene in the tampon aisle and scream about how nobody loves you.
6. Go home and masturbate to The Powerpuff Girls.

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