Every time fanboys read a review that isn't quite to their liking they just say, "Well everything he criticized is just subjective so he shouldn't say that!" Yeah, no shit. What is a review besides some guy's stupid opinion on how adequate the money was in relation to the score the publisher asked him to give a game. In Jeff Gerstmann's opinion, not enough I guess.

"kennyslaya" has an awful lot of slaying to do!

Truth Media doesn't have PS3 fanboy written all over it, this has PS3 fanboy written all over it. These guys beat me to the punch.

He's right about one thing, I did not play the game before I wrote that review. Truth in media transcends petty little things like actually playing the title you're supposed to review.

Oh, don't be so sure about that...

Here's a few from the BioShock PC version forum.

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