If the children are our future, we're screwed.

Make sure it's ADA approved.

Please cancel this free account I made on this generic forum for teenagers. But sir, if you cancel now you'll miss out on the wonderful benefits of GovTeen. No, I just want to cancel. If you decide to stick with the service, we'll give you a free month because we're sure you'll grow to love GovTeen. NO I JUST WANT TO FUCKING CANCEL. *click* Hello? Fuck. 1-800...

How rude. The least she could do is fake it to maintain your game. These women just aren't sensitive to our needs.

That's exactly what I want to do. Lather my balls up with stem cells and cross my fingers.

In my case, the two are related.

The key word is colour. Once again Weekend Web proves that British dudes don't know shit about dicks.

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