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Certified Refreshing

Library Fountain
Shaggy Butte Public Library
147 Ponderosa St

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Great DF. Been frequenting the library since before the first review. Got a great flavor and real nice temperature, and the civilians tend to leave it alone, so enthusiasts like us can take our time. A lot of people are worried about it drying up due to all the attention, but I think it'll stay strong.
Posted by Sipswell 8 hours ago

BEST DF. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION MARK. DOLLAR SIGN. I prefer it over my own tap water and bring a lot of bottles to fill up. The librarians don't like that, so I use the ol' disguise routine Thirsty Man mentioned. On weekends when I have my kids, I have them fill a few jugs for me. Nobody ever thinks to turn away a child filling up a jug of water. How could they? I video tape them doing it so that if they ever give my kids any guff, I can take the footage to the media and blow this story wide open.

Posted by Quench Me Bro!!! 11 hours ago

Wetworks and Swiftflow are way off. They're not telling the truth and they know it. They're purposefully poisoning the well. I get it. They don't want this DF to dry up like the one at Walmart did. That used to be the best DF in town, but then everyone got wind and soon enough there were lines and then equipment breakdown and finally they just got rid of it. I respect wanting to keep this one a secret to prevent dry up, but a good DF belongs to the people.
Posted by Moist Man 12 hours ago

I'm all for a good drink, but let's not pretend this is an honest fountain. This does NOT follow the flow guidelines of county municipal code-- this font "runs sweet," in industry terms, which means the flow is jacked up at least 9ml/second in order to provide a richer stream. Maybe some people are OK with a little bit of cheating when it comes to water fountains, but I say those people should not be writing reviews on a serious DF site. This is a juiced fountain, period. UPDATE: to all those who are threatening me: I'm not some tattletale who will go running to the gov't to report on a fountain running sweet. Enjoy your ill-gotten water and leave me alone.
Posted by GrandCherokeeLaredo 12 hours ago

I've sampled every drinking fountain in town. Nearly got arrested sampling some that weren't public. This is the one. This is the one that I will always remember. This is the finest water I've ever tasted from a drinking fountain. It's almost as good as tap water... maybe even better?
Posted by Soggy Steve 12 hours ago

Consistent flow and unclogged drainage area is nice. Basin could be a bit deeper for those of us who like to wash our faces and take fountain baths. The water quality is clean, very fresh. Two thumbs up from this hombre. Hope it doesn't dry up like some of the other great fountains in town.
Posted by Here Come the Waterworks 14 hours ago

First up, this is my first post on so please don't jump down my neck if I'm not "hardcore" enough. Yes, I am coming here from, but that doesn't mean I don't know spout from shinola, if you'll pardon the little joke. Maybe I haven't gone around and sampled the water in every tap in the state, but I know great water when I see it, and this water looks great. Very clear, absolutely no browning or yellowing. It looks like it would taste superb, if you're into that, but I don't drink water. Anyway, top marks. LOVE bathing my grandfather here.
Posted by ElderSoaker 15 hours ago

Love the water, hate the stickiness of the button. I've complained a number of times and even tried to repair it myself, which got me blacklisted from using it. I've been wearing a fake mustache and a hat to get around that.
Posted by Thirsty Man 16 hours ago

Witnessed mosquito larvae in the clogged basin. Water tasted suspiciously like mercury. Line of civilians preventing us enthusiasts from getting refreshed. Old man urinated with impunity in it as librarians stood powerless.
Posted by Swiftflow 17 hours ago

Terrible. Chewing gum near the mouth guard. Clear signs of spittle and phlegm dried on essential contact points. Button is very sticky and requires great physical force and endurance to hold it down for prolonged periods of times.
Posted by Wetworks 18 hours ago.

i heard a kid died??????
Posted by lilsquirt 18 hours ago

hi y'all. love this fountain. i make it a point to go here every day and fill up my bottles. i drive from a couple counties over, since they put fluoride in all the water here and no way am i letting that poison into the temple of my body.
Posted by Sweaty Dad 18 hours ago

BE VERY CAREFUL how you interface with this fountain. I THINK it's how I got hepatitis. Granted, I tend to scrap my gums on the mouth guard a lot, but I really like to get as close to the source as possible and also it's how I clean my teeth.
Posted by Hydrat0r 19 hours ago

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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