If you are still with us and haven't thrown your computer out the window in disgust you will be pleased to know that this article goes on for another hundred million pages. Our next forum is Myjellybean, a standard issue teen girl forum. After that damn Conan O'Brien board I thought I'd give you something a little easier to digest.

This guy is so pathetic. Get out there and have sex with some real bots.

I don't know if that scar looking thing on his face is just an effect from the GIF compression or if it's actually just a bad skin rash.

We've got some real winners here.

I can't believe it, I actually agree with "hateraid675"!

My sentiments exactly.

Combining two stupid debates into one.

If you don't want nude pictures of yourself getting out on the internet, DON'T POSE NAKED.

You would love my dick in your mouth, sweetheart.

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