To cash in on the popularity of Conan: The Barbarian in the 1980s, TSR released a series of Conan-themed adventure modules, including Conan-specific adventures and Red Sonja adventures. The resulting modules paid tribute to the Conan films and Howard's novels without actually being much fun. They were a perfect fit for Steve's barbarian affection. Conan: Unchained, released in 1984, was the first of the Conan tie-in modules.

Zack: This must be exciting for you. Like the gaming equivalent of getting to meet an idol.

Steve: I'm stoked. I feel like I've been training. Fantasizing strategies and babe techniques. I've spent many a rainy afternoon in my bedroom in my youth watching a sun-faded Conan VHS and swinging around my kendo stick.

Zack: Man, you and a Conan VHS. I bet you had to ride the tracking button on that tape like you were in a focus group for fur diapers.

Steve: So my question for you dude is are YOU prepped for this? Because once we dive into the realm of Conan, into the Hyborian Age there is no turning back.

Zack: I guess. The extent of my knowledge of Conan is what's best in life, Grace Jones, and the fact that every comic or book cover with Conan had him either fireman's carrying a nearly naked woman or protecting her from some horde of skeletons or lizard men.

Steve: That's about average Conan knowledge. I guess it will do. The important thing to remember is that Conan hates magic. It's like the opposite of his barbarian honesty. Also there aren't a ton of monsters in Conan. Like you will have some minions or demons, but it's not like D&D where you fight orcs 24/7.

Zack: That would be hateful. Orcs are people too.

Steve: Well okay, you have a tolerable Conan knowledge. Just follow my lead and you'll be fine.

Zack: If I followed your lead I would be drinking rootbeer out of a two-liter and listening to Sepultura.

Steve: Which would be fine.

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