I don't have a personal vendetta against fat people. When I see a fat fucking slob I don't insult them or look disgusted by their vast rolls of blubber. What does disgust me is how some people can somehow feel proud about being large enough to lose keys, action figures, and pets in the nether regions of their monsterous bodies for days on end. Let's face it, being fat is not exactly healthy. To me it presents a real lack of discipline and self-love. If you can't love yourself enough to keep your body in shape then how can you love anyone else? Being a fat fucking mess is nothing to be proud of. This is something the following morons need to realize.

Being under 300 pounds is a realistic beauty standard.

I like the cut of your jib, "Patrick#1".

Hearing a large woman carry on about her fat ass makes me vomit.

Are you sure it wasn't the FAT FUCKING SLOB contest? I think she won.

I am a proud 3X sack of crap that can't fit on theme park rides and my girlfriend has to miss out riding them! I'm sure she won't leave me for someone who doesn't send shivers down buffet owners' spines!

Good job there fatso.

Conspiracy theorists, UFO nuts, and fat asses too big to fit on roller coasters, it doesn't get much worse than that folks. Join us next week when we go against the will of God once more.

Special thanks to my FYAD friends Picnic of Love, schmitty9800, Spechel EDD, protagonist, Tomahawk, -Ether-, Uinthathere, dephile, uberdog, sqshyfish, Threepwood, pony nugget duex, cynosure, Luigi's Discount Porn Bin, Mr VacBob, Ah Pook, BillWh0re, Xanat0s, Yuber, ukr, Mighty Stalker, jobber-d, MagnumHB, SpicyChickenStyle, Devine, Corn Left To You!, and vrunt for contributing to this report. These men are very special to me and without them I wouldn't be the two-time Olympic bronze medalist you see today.

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– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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