I am over 50 and on SSI, is what she should have said.

Weesa, this is precisely the reason your web site gets very little traffic compared to other Harry Potter forums. YOU CAN'T BAN THE RAPE FANFICS!!! That's the backbone of any Harry Potter community.

Dueling Snape avatars. It's like showing up to the same Internet forum wearing the same dress. Awkward!

Well Julianne Moore ended up not hooking up with Harry Potter in the 7th book, so I don't think anything is possible.

Special thanks to Curlydave, Jaysbob, panascope, Skylark, Angrygodofjebus, moana, General E, German Joey, Shasty, Kumo, Anukahn, Homemadetshirts, harry lime and co., The Betrayer, Cuddlebottom, and esc, whose parents are all filthy mudbloods.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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