Before we begin today I'd like to say a few words about the incredible Unreal Tournament 2004. Here is a game that, by all logic, we should hate. It's the same damn UT2003 engine, the same damn gameplay, and the same damn game we've seen a million times before. There is a slew of new maps and a new game type that is basically a rip off of Battlefield 1942. After saying all that why do I think this game is so much fucking fun? I havn't had this much fun with a game since the Doom days. UT2004 has rekindled my love for the first person shooter and the type of gameplay pioneered by games like Quake or Duke Nukem 3D. Epic has proved that there is an intangible quality in game design that you can't quite explain. There's a feel to the gameplay that feels so damn right. I'm not even going to try to analyze it. It's just fun.

Many people in this world are filthy creatures. So it's no wonder that there's a whole website dedicated to the dirtiest, filthiest bird of them all, the pigeon. I present to you a forum full of pigeon nuts. Now you can say you have seen everything there is to see on the internet.

Ah, pigeon racing, the sport of kings!

That sounds a lot like my Uncle Ron.

Would you like to see my cock... bird?

I know a guy who kept a bird in his egg the whole time it was alive. He talked to it through a tube and fed it crazy glue.

I don't know! What does this look like, a pigeon help site?

The internet is a very sad place. It should be rated M for "Mature".

My pigeon's special is the dragon punch. I know a lot of pigeons that can do the energy blast as well.

Ah, to be young and in love again... with pigeons.

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