The Looks of Love

I really didn't have enough of a conversation with any of these people to make it a page worth, so I decided to salvage the funniest screencaptures that were also the easiest pieces to edit. And I pass the savings on to you!

The next time I do an article series like this, its going to be on Chinese Gold Farming Sex Workers. And I am going to be RICH.

I swear, this "mistell" business happened wayyyyyyy too often. Cost me a fair bit of coin.

To all you non-wow players out there - I made a fat joke. To all you wow players out there - I made a Spirit joke.


Finally, the letters "G" sent me were fucking OFFENSIVE. Like too awful to post. Ex-Wife slash fiction, and I was the star. You guys can read this instead.

Ok, that's it! There's more, but it's either too difficult to format, lots of noise in the chat I can't edit out, or not as funny as the rest of this! It's gonna be awhile before I go and do another article like this, but next week there's something in the same vein for all of you to enjoy. How's THAT for foreshadowing? If you have hatemail, or work at Blizzard and don't want to bother digging up my char's info before you ban me, email me at and I will respond to you in the best way I know how. This "way" might involve talking to you about World of Warcraft. You have been warned.

Oh, send me any funny screenshots you've made! I'll use them! I'll use you! Everyone likes being used! So do it!

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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