Technology that allows to see through thick clothing and materials.

I know what you are thinking. Abraham, there's no such things as X-rays. These glasses don't even look very cool. A world full of naked people would probably be very boring to see. Chances are these glasses aren't even real. Excuse me, not even real? Let's look at the facts:

  • Teamwork really comes into play when you have BIG gals.
  • Until the and of 2008 most of the World security agencies will use the DIGI Eay X-Ray glasses against terrorists to eliminate dangers consequences...
  • simple pair of glasses atached with sophisticated advanced X-Ray lens that visually can strip-searches passengers
  • The technology (CXG) resonantly enhanced and applied in to a optical lens (Glasses) combined with new X-Ray lens materials.
  • Whatever your activity,your eyes and ego will love you for seeing X-RAY. because, Image is Everything.
  • has a Better Business Bureau jpg file that proclaims this website has an A rating
  • new materials and extend the forefront of semiconductor manufacturing with high accuracy interferometry,metrology and lithography research and development.
  • only $250
  • Extensive and authoritative discussions can be found in the numerous books and journal articles on this subject.
  • Costumer Service
  • Reasearch
  • You can see fat people totally naked with these glasses

The technology of today, tomorrow, and for the future. Glasses that see through thick clothinges are value with Acetone and Polymers. The choice is clear. Send these people as much money as you poerssibly can for X-Ray Future Site amazing NFA technoligies glasses. Image is Everything. This website has a longwinded, unreadable Terms and Services that I've probably violated grossly. I hope they try to sue me.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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