Aurora Universe, submitted by Afterburner. Everyone loves pretty ladies, even homosexual men and the blind, but some people love pretty ladies a little too much. Others love super heroes, particularly homosexual men and the blind, but some people love super heroes a little too much. Then there's the folks at the Aurora Universe who love both a little too much and also happen to have rudimentary Photoshop skills. These two loves and a basic skill combine to form one of the most pathetic nerd galleries on earth, complete with fan-fiction about the pornstars-cum-super heroes that these dorks have created.

"No, make yourself younger instead, Mae," Susan said softly. "Steve has this fantasy for a young girl of 17 or so, a true super girl. Can you be that girl again?"

Smiling as Carey daringly gave me a hug, I saw the look of eagerness in her face that confirmed that she wanted me to do the same. I nodded my head as I realized that these two had planned this.

"Ok, guys, but tell me if I don’t get it right…"

I closed my eyes and began to concentrate on making myself even younger.

I find it difficult to decide which is more pathetic; spending hours photoshopping a Superman costume onto a model or spending hours writing volume after volume of shitty mildly erotic fanfiction. I guess it all balances out though, since cape or no cape this is as close as any of these guys is getting to a pair of breasts that isn't covered with potato-chip crumbs.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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