HeunaBina86's Xanga site, submitted by Lowtax. When I first saw this site I wasn't that impressed. It looked like just another pile of pitiful teenage melodrama and emotional instability. Then, when all hope seemed lost, Jesus Christ appeared in a flash of brilliant light and saved the day. The Lord manifested himself through one of the finest and most distracting background images ever created by humans. With Jesus involved, this site really gained a personality. Brilliant words like these had more meaning, a deeper meaning, spiritual meaning…

a special cake for you~ muahahahahahahhaahah... why am i being so nice.... ^________^;


tsk tsk... weird-racist-people who doesn't wanna go to AFRICA... *ahem* yoomee... lolz~ it's ok i never asked you to come w/ me... woooooooo~ i'm going by myself... kakakkakaaka~ well anywayz.... i'm pretty much bored w/ my life right now... so weird lately... every single day is same... every single period after period in school... then... pit... then home... then homework... then eat... then... chill or go to sleep... Then if something happens in my life, i get so excited and even if it was nothing, i make it sound big... cuz it's fun... ahahaha... feels like i have no life-------- gar~gar~gar~

I was so flabbergasted by whatever she just attempted to say that I decided to read some of the comments people wrote. This one in particular, strikes me as a good reason why certain people should be forced to eat their keyboards, over and over again.

u have braces..!?!?!??!?hahaahhahahaha..?!?!?!?!??!?!
u weirdo..n e wayz..weirdest entry ever!@!
oh eya u r from AFrica..KEKEKe.^^a
goBACK to AFRIcA~!...KEKEKe..
n e wayz...i got mah license..KAKAKAKKAKAK~!!
jot get jjij.1.!??!hehehehehhe..1!!
i will giveu ride..if u r being NICE..??to me..??for ONCe..??hahaha..
c u laterz~!!bubhbai

Great Scott! I just shat my monocle! With a few apostrophes that could easily pass as some kind of Necronomiconian mumbojumbo.

I can't say there is a lot to this site, just a lot of malarkey about Africa coupled with random pictures of Asians, cars, and Garfield, which are some sort of holy trinity I reckon. No matter how painful this site is, remember that Jesus is the copilot. With him in the cockpit we're always cruising at a high altitude and the in-flight movie is your salvation.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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