Zooish, submitted by Stimpson J. Cock. Everyone loves going to the zoo, even nihilists and neocons, but the laziest hippy at Berkeley has trouble finding time to go visit the Puma Pit or the Bear Barn thanks to this crazy world we live in. Miss the zoo no more friends and readers who wish me bodily injury! Now you can visit the zoo from the comfort of your own home thanks to Zooish. This funderful web site incorporates animal sounds with hyper-realistic animations of those animals we all love in action.

Take the time to enjoy your life.
Spend time with your loved ones, play every day, and enjoy nature.

Hey now, wait a second, I don't remember hippos sitting upright and having hands that can hold flowers. This whole scenarios is more than a little queer, I just don't-OH NO! OH GOD!

And ... never get a massage from a blue hippopotamus!

The blue ones hold hate in their hearts! Oh dear Lord on Mount Olympus, let's not look at that any more. I'm sure the Koala Krypt could not possibly hold any horrors akin to the Hippo Hippodrome. Let's go visit those adorable fuzzy- OH JESUS KILL IT, OR ME, JUST END THIS ALL!

The Koala Kid is very familiar with the Australian outback.

They are in league with the darkest of powers and they must be stopped! Quickly, let us form a torch wielding mob and hope that our numbers will overwhelm their vile magics!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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