ClosetMonster's Corner, submitted by Google Mishap. While searching for GI Joe information I happened upon this web site. The reason I found it was that it features a few screencaps from an episode in which the Baroness removes a rubber mask. The reason it features screencaps of the Baroness removing a rubber mask is because it's a web site devoted to a new and wonderful fetish: masking. Specifically the site seems to focus on women and female aliens removing realistic full-body disguises. This is mostly done through Photoshop, although there are some screencaps from cartoons and TV/movies of women removing masks.

The following website demonstrates examples for a rare and obscure fetish often known as "Masking".

If you are interested in life-like female rubber masks and you are not worried that someone is looking over your shoulder, then come on in. If you have an open mind and are simply curious what some strange individuals find appealing, then come on in.

God bless the Internet and all its horrible children. Be warned that this web site is not work safe in the slightest and seeing women removing what looks like skin is very disturbing.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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