The Antidote, submitted by Spam Mail. Somewhere between "YOUR E-MAIL MAY CONTAIN A VIRUS" from my good buddy "MAILER DAEMON" and "Use This Patch Immediately" from my pal "Microsoft" I had an innocuous seeming spam e-mail that was about to change my life. That e-mail was advertising "The Antidote" and boy do they mean it when they say "THE".

The Antidote is a unique Anti-Microbial Peptide discovered by scientists, offering the widest range of medicinal power on the market today It kills all know deadly VIRUSES and BACTERIA in the body. In original tests carried out several years ago in conjunction with the BBC, it is actually referred to and named “Crocodillin”.

This site reads like a parody of a spam website. They make absolutely hilarious claims about how excellent their cure-all is and then pepper it with pictures that have almost nothing to do with the description. IT KILLS ALL KNOW DEADLY VIRUSES! Ask your doctor or pharmacist about "The Antidote" that is only available if you order online now!

WARNING! The antidote may consist of small green rocks in a bottle. Do not take rocks internally, instead stare at them until you feel your illness lifting away. This is it KNOW HOW TO KILL your DEADLY disease!!!!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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