Web page about Keith having fun & his interests, submitted by John. Helllooooo ladies! Keith is an eligible bachelor looking for Miss Right! Unfortunately Keith has the grammar skills of a 14-year old AOLer, as well as a page to match. But don't let that alone turn you away! There's so many other things that could physically repulse you!

If you are looking for a guy that U have to wonder if he is cheating on U, look somewhere else, I have never cheated on a girl friend. I can be happy with only one woman. If we develope a committed relationship, you must be a one man woman, (no sharing here).

. I want to dance with you on a mountain, bathe with you in a sea, til the stars fall around u & me.. If u understand what this means, then u r a special woman...............

If U R not interested,,, do you have any friends????? They will thank you.

SO,,, let's talk. If U don't try, I will never get to know U !!!!!!! Do you believe in DESTINY ???

U R 1 romantick guy, Keith!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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