Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry, submitted by Ackbar. Ever wondered what dark secret lurks behind senator John Kerry's suave charm and rugged good looks? Then allow me to present Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry. Huge domain name, equally huge collection of ultra-conservative rants detailing how John Kerry is an evil communist robot from another dimension. I wasn't alive during Vietnam, but as a veteran of several dangerous combat missions in Quake 2 I was shocked by the sordid details of Kerry's past.

On the campaign trail, Sen. John Forbes Kerry regularly mentions his Vietnam War combat experience, during which he received three Purple Hearts, the Silver Star and Bronze Star. However, the Massachusetts Democrat doesn't like to talk much about how he received the awards or the time after he returned home when he was rubbing shoulders with Hanoi Jane Fonda as a much-celebrated organizer for Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), one of America's most radical pro-communist groups.

As you can see, John Kerry's floating disembodied head wants to addict your children to drugs and rape dogs with bricks. I added the eye lasers myself as I feel they really emphasize the picture's message of "don't vote for John Kerry" and "John Kerry be totally whack, yo".

PS: The guestbook is a cool place for teens to hang with a great mix of pissed off liberals and insane veterans. Get in on the action!

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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