Kanada's Transformation Art, submitted by Uhuru. It always boggles my mind when good artists waste their talent drawing George Jetson getting it on with daughter Judy, or fifty-foot muskrats with two-ton genitals. That seems like such a horrible squandering of talent. By contrast, when a shitty artist decides to create a webpage of art on some insane topic, my thoughts are more along the lines of "Well, this just plain sucks." The latter is the case for Kanada's Transformation Art. It's one crappy drawing after another. The topic? Boys transforming into animals, or even moreso, into Digimon or Pokemon.

It just wouldn't be the same without the protruding nutsack, now would it? I'd like to say this is among the poorer drawings on the site, but then I'd be ignoring things like this. I'd like to say this this is among the more disturbing drawings on the site, but then I'd be ignoring things like this (for the love of all that's holy, don't click!). Kanada also has people turning into objects, people turning into statues, and the ever-popular vore. Gotta have that. In summary, Kanada's artwork isn't everything that's wrong with the internet, but hey, it's close. We have to give him points for trying.

– Ben "Greasnin" Platt

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