Diary Of a Sneeze Fetishist, submitted by me. Do you have a free afternoon and a desire to learn about the stupidest fetish in the history of stupid fetishes? If your answer is yes, I hate you. Diary of a Sneeze Fetishist describes one woman's obsession with sneezing, and goes into way too much detail with 27 chapters that begin at childhood and branch off into bizarre tangents like this:

I also believe what you grew up with, with regards to sneezing, plays a big role in what turns you on as an adult. Get ready people - we are delving into a whole new category of sneeze-fetish weirdness here which I, at least, am admittedly guilty of! I'm talking about finding cartoons, story books and kiddie shows erotic. Several people are attracted to themes such as "sneezing while hiding" (hence giving away the sneezer's position at a crucial moment), gigantic unrealistic sneezes that blow away entire rooms from their power, people sneezing whilst dressed in certain ways (like super hero costumes for example) and even cartoon figures sneezing, whether these be humanoids, robots or animals.

The day that I become sexually aroused by sneezing robots is the day that I see a sneezing robot.

– State Og Representative

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