Cats in Space, submitted by me. Cats in Space is a club for cats who enjoy science and science fiction. I am absolutely taken with this web page. Take a look for yourself. I am sure you will enjoy it.

In this group we will explore the things we need to know to become Astrocats--Cats in Space.
We'll investigate the knowledge covering general truths, better known as Science. Without Science, cats would still be huddled in cold, dark caves trying to catch and eat birds that are many times our size.
Most cats already know a lot about Science, but probably didn't realize how smart we really are. Here we'll be able to show how much we know.
We'll also explore the realm of Science Fiction and discover how the dreams and imagination of others have become real in our world today.
So, put your thinking caps on kitties, and get ready to "blast off!"

I support Cats in Space if not for the boldness of their web site but for the importance of their message. Cats are incredible creatures with a knack for space travel. It's about time these felines got the recognition they deserve.

I also forgot to take my medication today.

– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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