Armpit Photography, submitted by me. This is a Geocities site so it will probably wind up dying pretty quickly, but the webmaster detailed a disturbing misuse of government resources which simply must be publicized.

My first perspective is a warning of dire consequences. George W. Bush, president of the US, wants me to shave my body hair! The mean man who wants to snoop into my private medical records, who wants to know which books I read, who wants to know about my finances, also wants me to shave my armpits and pubic bush! Here's what I have to say to Dubya:

Bush stay out of mine!

The only bush I trust is my own!

If you're one of the lucky few to arrive first, you'll get to see a picture of the author's nasty armpit overlaid with an applet that lets you zoom in on your favorite hair for a closer look! Wow! I'm linking said image because it appears to be NWS at first and your boss/mom/chief of staff wouldn't understand. Hair you go! (har har)

– Corin Tucker's Stalker

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