Dr. Dudd's Cartoon World, submitted by me. "Entrust your eyes to me." The cartoon said. "Let me take you on a voyage of magic and whimsy where zany antics await." I sat perplexed as though trying to comprehend the non-euclidean geometry of cthulan architecture.

My name is Dudd, Doctor Rabies Dudd. This is my site of cartoons and jokes, and don't you forget it! The buttons on the left will take you to the strange worlds of the inner depths of my deranged mind - go there if you dare.

Browse the cartoon archive and see how Dr. Dudd got his PhD in wackiness. No topic is safe from the doctor’s rapier-like wit. When I found out that this guy works on commission I just had to request a drawing of Glen Danzig riding a camel (it’s for a friend, okay). Dr. Dudd, your cartoons are a prescription for laughter.

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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