Alien Surgeon, submitted by Andrew Spies. Join me on an exciting journey into an offensively bad website. From the start, this horrible website blazes annoying music and flashing graphics, then spirals downhill from there. I think every stupid page on this site, and there seem to be hundreds, has an annoying sound file attached, along with random stupid graphics to drive home that "this site was designed by a brain damaged mutant" vibe. All the pages are about things like Martian temples, alien conspiracies, AMERICA, terrible art, and, uh, shitty metal music.

The most impressive section of this site is arguably a page dedicated to 3d-rendered pre-historic porn."

A picture like this is worth 1,000 words, but the vast majority of them are synonyms for "retarded." Aside from the fact it's a dinosaur raping two women, we are led to believe through the use of background props that this rape is the result of no less than seduction. The violin and picnic blanket indicates the dinosaur is a romantic rapist. I'm not sure what this says about creationism or evolution, but it can't possibly be good for either theory.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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