Be Erotic Star, submitted by hir0. If you're like me, you've wanted your poems to kiss souls but they just won't put out. But, if this site can show you anything, it's worth it. Have you tried to tell that girl how you feel but find yourself unable to come up with terms like "Fucking you my sweet princess of the alter of death" or "My tongue the key to opening your heart"? Have you wanted someone to "contact your cerebral"? Time to learn from the master, pupils.

Pose On Webcam for me.Create you into a sexual Goddess.Poems I compose for & about you.Place on my website. Lets simply chat online and i shall do you free poems on the spot. Even put the poems i write for you in a poetry book.Show your friends how myself veiws you in a poetic way. 07915382492 Issac Peter. I am a teacher of Poetry. English. Philosophy. Attitude. Motivation. Confidence. Weight Loss. Creative Writing. Learn about Jesus Christ the Philosopher.

And if you happen to be a girl, be sure to check out the "Yahoo Babes" section. You could be the next one to "Be Erotic Star." Templates, ahoy!

– Kevin "The Goblin" Wilson

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