Doggy Steps, submitted by gucci helicopter. Is your dog too old or too small to jump a foot high up onto the couch? Are you too lazy to pick your dog up but not too lazy to carry around a miniature staircase for your dog? Then Doggy Steps are perfect for you! As it says in the hilarious video advertisement on the site: these steps are two for $39.99 while some pet steps can cost as much as 100 dollars!

Does Your Pet Have Difficulty Climbing Up To His Favorite Spot?
The solution is Doggy Steps.

I made turtle steps for my pet turtle Handsome, but it was impractical because he needed about 500 of these 1/8th inch tall steps. That and he'd get up on the couch and just fall off onto the floor again and nothing is sadder than a turtle falling. Some animals are made to fall, like cats. Turtles ain't made to fall. Livestock is building a steam-powered elevator to ferry his invalid toad to his custom made toadhouse. Toads are pretty good at falling. Maybe not quite as good as a cat.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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