SHADOW the HEDGEHOG, submitted by Sega. I haven't really cared about Sonic the Hedgehog since I stopped playing my Genesis, but I realize that a lot of people have clung desperately to Sonic through mediocre 3D versions and horrible adventure games. I think those diehards might finally consider relegating Sonic to the past with the hilarious misfire "Shadow the Hedgehog". It's so retarded that if you can't tell it's retarded from watching the trailer then you're retarded. No, if you can't figure that out from a single screenshot then you're retarded.

Shadow was once a part of a secret military project, but he has since lost all memory of his past and he's being pulled in two very different directions. He is allied with no one and desperate to figure out who to trust.

Haha! On the plus side, if you somehow ran out of horrible industrial/metal shit music then I'm sure SHADOW has enough to fill your blackened heart with all the looped guitars you could ever hope for.

Be absolutely sure you watch the trailer and then check out the screenshots where I think you can see SHADOW carjacking someone. I'm not kidding.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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