ROM - The Time Machine, submitted by Isaac. lol if i had $14,615 id buy one of these things in a second X_x

The biggest problem is that 4 minutes sounds too good to be true for a complete non-impact cardio, resistance- and flexibility workout. If there really would exist such a thing, then obviously everybody in the World would know about it. At least that is just one of the annoying arguments we have had to listen to during all the years since 1990. We have had to suffer many other incorrect arguments as well.

woah a full workout in 4 minutes that is awesome !!!!! !_! i really want 2 workout but havent had the time to do it and really i cant do anything that makes me bend my knees b/c i have an old injury on them from opening an umbrella but still this sound cool ill add it to my amazon wishlist ;;;;;_;;;;

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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