THA NIGGA PAGE, submitted by Leech. Yo, werd up, it's THA NIGGA PAGE, bitches! Of course THA NIGGA PAGE wouldn't be complete without a pasty-faced 23 year old white webmaster, but luckily this page has a couple to spare. Check out DA REAL DEAL yo:

My real name is Norbert Junghausz. I'm 23 years old. I live in Hungary, in a little town called Baja (pronounced Buyah). I work in a large multi-national company that sells T-shirts all around the world, and i go to a junior college. My favorite sports are: basketball, snooker and swimming. I like many kinds of music. For example: rave, house, trance, acid, grunge, hardcore & rap. I like netsurfing & coding. I'm a member of two Hungarian scene group.

That's some muthafuckin' hard CO' SHIT YO! This wonderful website includes such useful things as the lyrics to most Backstreet Boys songs, a shoutout to his C64 crew, and the world's worst MIDI file ever created (for God's sake, techno just wasn't fucking made to play on generic GM kits, dammit). When I think "Norbert Junghausz," I really think "that's tha nigga."

PS: THA NIGGA has a guestbook. Werd up, wiggy wiggy white boy.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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