A couple months ago, SA Forum Goon El Gran Poco came up with the fine idea of supplementing celebrity photos with olfactorily curious dogs. Several years earlier, CatGirls Club devised the infinitely stupider concept of attaching cats to topless models. "Unwilling to have babies and ruin their sexy figures, they give their cats all their motherly attention," teases the site's front page. "Cats dine on these bitch's warm breastmilk!"

Unfortunately for the freaks who actually want to see women suckling animals, and (relatively) fortunately for the rest of humanity, the images are intentionally crude fakes. Even by adult-site standards, CatGirls Club is too shitty to satisfy any real fetishists, but this Photoshop butchery isn't funny enough to justify the mind-boggingly vast galleries.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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