Piano Squall (thanks TangerineDream) - Piano Squall is a self-described "Game and Anime Pianist." That's the piano equivalent of a airliner pilot calling himself the "Crash and Die Pilot" and is in the same musical league as a Yoko Ono cover band. Why anyone would want to devote their musical career to covering the most inane music possible is a question that can only be answered by reading the many gaming-related forums on the Internet. Some people are actually dumb enough to buy this crap.

I put my whole heart into making GAME, and all I really want is for you to enjoy it. I know that the price is unusually low for a new CD, especially when all of the tracks are licensed, but music has never been about profit to me. I just want you to own it, hear it, and relive the emotions of playing these games and seeing these anime for the first time. To me, this is a performer's greatest reward.

I wonder if he was trained using the Naruto method. What sort of track-listing can we expect to find on this instant classic? Let's have a look!

A Final Fantasy Medley! This is going to be incredible! I only hope he can capture the soaring pathos of "Fight 2" and do justice to "Dr. Wily's Castle Stage 1."

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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