Today's Phriday definitely packs some variety! The first couple pages address Saint Sputnik's claim that a sinkhole in Chicago recently swallowed three cars. I haven't been able to slow things down and double-check this tip, given the fast-moving news cycle of today's cyber-era, but I will take his word for it. This is a pretty lighthearted story, upsetting only to the car-owners and cars involved, so no harm done if the SA Goons wanted to have some fun with the gaping pavement! The second half addresses Minorkos' dubious claim that sports are not particularly interesting without his intervention. Sports don't need Minorkos, but his Forums peers had some cool ideas!

Here is the sinkhole footage Saint Sputnik presented. It's real and unaltered, probably.

hj henhemjamib


Saint Sputnik


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