This is unprecedented! AGAIN! That's right boys and girls, WE HAVE EXCLUSIVE, AUTHENTIC EPISODE THREE SCRIPT EXCERPTS! I can't believe the luck, but forum goon David Boring managed to dig up some more pages of Episode Three script. And once he hit the proverbial paydirt, other goons were coming back with gold as well! The stuff in here is so good, I am now typing this from my local movie theather. Last time I was joking about sitting in line till Episode Three came out. This time, I'M NOT KIDDING!


OBIE WAN sits in a chair in the darkness. His head is in his hands, and he is
brooding like a man who is forlorn. PADME paces into the room, and is startled to
see him.

Obie Wan, you’re awake too? I couldn’t sleep.

This whole situation with Anakin has me very
upset, Padme. I don’t get it why he is being
the way he is being. Did I not train him?

Nonsense, he is a complicated man.

I fear that he is in danger. I fear that...

That what? What is it that you fear?

I fear for you and your child. I do not think
that you should of come here.

Obie Wan... there was not just one.

Of what do you speak of? Just one what?

There is another child, still inside me. Anakin
did not take well to the first one, so I left the
second one concealed within me.

I thought I detected an abnormality in your gait.
We must remove this child at once, for its time to
enter the world has passed once already. Come, the
jedi council can easily arrange such a proceeding.

I agree with you.

Obie Wan rises and takes her hand, and they put on their cloaks and leave.

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