There is no denying that summer is here (unless you live in a crazy hemisphere), and with the good weather comes a number of proud traditions, most of which involve setting off fireworks or blowing things up. That brings me nicely onto the subject of this week's Goldmine. For the past few years, one of our many dangerous forum goons by the name of Honkus has been celebrating summer with a traditional Barbie-Q. This involves taking a whole bunch of trademarked Mattel products and causing as much destruction as possible with the help of our old friend fire. I'll let Honkus himself explain things.

Welcome all, to Barbie-Q 2008! For those unfamiliar with the event, it involves me and forum members Locknine, Mach Twang, and woolsockatool strapping cheap fireworks to Barbie dolls and seeing what kind of monstrous results we can get. This would have been the 6th annual Barbie-Q, but we ended up taking last year off. We more than made up for last year's absence, though. In 2006, we had 12 Barbies, this year we had 21!

Let's get the show started!

A few Bratz dolls made their way in to the cast this year.

And a final gallery shot. This is the last time they'll ever be recognizable.

The terror unfolds on the next page!

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