newwavepony recently shared a favorite party game with the Something Awful Forums. Here's the tl;dr description of TL; DS: "The basic idea is that you go around in a circle and each person describes a movie they've never seen, with funny results. So get someone to describe a movie they've never seen, then draw their story. It seems like this might work especially well with little kids, your out-of-touch in-laws, or non-Americans." Skeptics might say the "friends" that follow don't actually exist, and that the movies said apocryphal friends "didn't see" were in fact seen and goofily summarized by the posters themselves. But this is no time for cynicism! Earnest sincerity is "in." Goons asked real friends and got genuine answers! God made the farmer!

(Movie titles either appear as part of the artwork or are hyperlinked to the artists' screen names.)



Das Boo

Stottie Kyek

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