We've got a special Comedy Goldmine for you all this week. Forums Goon Pandabearassault, along with Danoteck and seppukusensei, have created a stop-motion pirate rap video, and it's guaranteed to shiver your timbers. Pandabearassault gives us a little information about the whole process.


YouTube link for you "I don't have Quicktime" folks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mclbc8nSww4

My friends and I make ridiculous short films. We had some experience in the past doing stop-motion videos with legos, loose plot concepts, and a free evening. This past August, we finally finished Captain Dan's "Blackbeard's Treasure" music video.

After completing this, I now have incredible respect for the animators behind Wallace & Gromit (as well as anyone who makes a stop-motion film that looks good). It took us far longer than expected and a little piece of your heart dies inside when you realize you just spent an entire evening of moving toys around to yield 15 seconds of footage...however, in the end the result is fulfilling and awesome (at least, I think it is). We worked pretty hard on this and I hope you all enjoy it. Fellow goons Danoteck (aka Captain Dan) and seppukusensei were main crew (besides myself) in this project.

Ah, and here's captain Dan's myspace for more of his music: http://www.myspace.com/captaindan

– Tekky "Jumpman16" Andrew-Jaja

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