After Colin, a drug-addicted down-on-his-luck athlete, saves the girl of his dreams from an attempted suicide leap, his life takes an unexpected turn. However, following the mysterious capture of the girl at the hands of a ruthless bionic police investigator, Colin is left with a series of burning question that only he has the power to answer. Namely - who is he really? Amnesia clouds his memory, but when he suddenly develops the psychic ability to jaunt through time, the answers he seeks may be within his grasp. But just as things are begin to look up, Colin is pitted against his one true enemy - the enigmatic bionic captor... who may be more closely related to him than he initially believed. This April comes The Doorway, with Chris Elliot.


Paul Giamatti stars as a lonesome vampiric tycoon living humbly in a secluded manor. However, upon the arrival of an unexpected guest, he quickly comes to realize that it'll take a little more than just blood to survive this chance meeting! The mystery unravels in....The Sicilian Houseguest.

Jace Madan

Return to Hobo Island: The Reckoning

After the events of Hobo island, Max Eastwood thought it was over. He saved the president, stopped the hordes of killer hobos from reaching the mainland, and saved the world... he was wrong. Informed of a second island, HOBO-2, it's up to Max to end it once and for all, it's time for Max to... RETURN TO HOBO ISLAND.


Little Jimmy (Haley Joel Osment) has never had too many friends. On weekends instead of going to parties and playing video-games, he works at the local animal rehabilitation center, helping release injured critters back into the wild. When his older brother suffers a serious head injury and has to drop out of the young master's PGA golf tournament, Jimmy has to step up and try to win the much-needed prize money for his family. There's one thing the event organizers don't know, however... he'll be getting a little backup from his high-flyin' bald-headed friend Mikey! This summer watch the drama unfold in: Eagle.

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