The Official Los Straitjackets Website, submitted by Yours Truly. This website is belonging to no-good American rudos who are pretending to be the masked wonders of the wrestling scene in Mexico but are in the reality of things being beer drinking men of low morals who are playing music for pennies onto the dollar. People are all the time thinking to say "this masked wrestler is a gimmick of large proportions and is just a joke at the end of the day." Friends and sometimes not friends who read my computer book know that I am living day in and day to day with the mask upon my face. This is no joke this is the life of leisure I have selected to live and I will not give it up for guitar playing rudos from North of border.

Dick Dickerson, if I am seeing you in the street I will slap your head into the next calendar day and then I will take your rudos friends and shoot them out of the cannon called "my fist". This is not the kind of act I would book for my party if I were you my friends, these are men so rudos that they would fill the pinata with centipedes and then KICK THE CENTIPEDES INTO YOUR HEAD! If they are not to busy playing the guitars I am saying. They are not playing good either. Go back to Hollywoods and get the jobs of real men you hoodlums!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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