lu lu lu gives you a spine-chilling look into a twisted future where illnesses are displayed in public hospitals for all to see.

Enjoy all the fun of the fair with MadScrilla's latest effort.

Lastly, here is an image from zee is zae who must hate the alphabetical order of these articles and may consider a namechange at some point. Look out for future drawings from AardvarkLover666!

That's all for part one, but a sequel to this wild and wacky concept will return sometime in the near future. Thanks to all of the talented forum goons for creating a big fat bunch of great images. I guess I should also give credit to the weird creatures who actually confessed these things in the first place, but I guess the majority of them have since committed suicide by now. Next week's Comedy Goldmine will pick on another group of mentally fragile and vulnerable individuals, so please carve a reminder in your arm not to miss it!

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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