Forums poster and unsettling-humanoid-face connoisseur YerAuraBoresMeAlice recently found a mannequin head/torso at a yard sale. The $5 price was too rich for his blood, but being a savvy opportunist, he took a picture of "this lovely lass" and used it to yield a priceless bounty of freakish Photoshops from the SA Goons at no cost to himself! Nothing's gonna stop us now!

Here is that yard-sale find, billed as "The Girl of Your Dreams ... only $5!" (Not the creepy part yet!)

The first round of suggestions were on the house, courtesy of YerAuraBoresMeAlice.

Already, some people are probably scared. Third eyes, snakes, mannequins, plants - these things have all been in horror movies! But Grei Skuring pushed this theme to the next level of disturbing!

Grei Skuring

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