100 minutes later:

Kebab stick removal, now everything inside is totally edible:

And that's it, meat house complete:


~20 sausages
12 rashers of bacon
1kg of sausage meat
2/3 a packet of bread crumbs
= 5870 calories...

6 of us managed to complete about 75% of it in one sitting.

It's clear to see that easyjo is a true inspiration for any wannabe meat-gurus out there. But his work is not done yet! Recently, he finished work on the sequel to his Meat House, known as the Meat Ship, which you can check out here. Let's hope there are more projects to come in future from our Prince of Pork.

Anyway, that's all for the Comedy Goldmine this week. Special thanks go to forum goons Honk and easyjo for sacrificing their health for our amusement. If I'm not lynched by the International Vegetarian Union before next Tuesday, I'll be back in a week to clog your arteries with more comedy.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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