The Ultimate Rocky Horror Picture Show Fanfic Page, submitted by Zack. When I saw this movie when I was about 12 I thought it was pretty funny. When I heard about people dressing up as the characters and going to midnight screenings I got slightly worried. When I found out what goes on at those midnight screenings I wanted to beat people up. I get that way a lot. I like to hurt people that are different than me. But I digress, this site wowed me in a whole new and really bad way!

Frank caressed Griffin’s chest, slowly removing the vest from behind. He took a breath,

"You taste like musk… and cornfields."

Griffin looked at him over his shoulder,

"And yours is the essence of a wild black stallion; untameable and mysterious."

WOW I AM REALLY RIVETED TO THAT DIALOGUE. All things told this fanfic is of a higher caliber than most of the Pikachu fucking Team Rocket inside of Cobra's Terrordrome fanfiction you read on the net, but I just really fucking hate Rocky Horror Picture Show these days. So sue me you fucking dickfaces. No, don't, instead have a HAPPY FUCKING HALLOWEEN YOU CRYBABY CUNTS! From the bottom of my tender heart.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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