SynthOrange easily makes my all-time top 20 naked Simpsons images with this contribution.

"Unicorn death. Know the risks. Don't become another victim". Expect TheNotsosuperHero's public service announcement to start playing soon on your local cable channel.

Tommy Calamari manages to bring back memories for me with this image, as I was briefly raised by a bunch of sexually-abusive peanuts.

Vexios proves that colon-art is going to be the next big thing of 2008.

Finally, let's all visit a Zone of unspeakable horror as we witness virtualboyCOLOR's take on Sonic 'n' pals.

That's all for another Comedy Goldmine. I am making lots of incredibly respectful gang signs at my PC screen as a show of respect for all of the forum goons that helped out with this article. Don't forget to waste more valuable moments of your life by joining me next Tuesday for another Comedy Goldmine. It will be exciting and fresh, like pineapple laced with PCP.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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