Steve: Heck yeah. Another cyborg commando ready to solve some problems. Bug problems.

Zack: Steve and I touched on some of the bad gameplay elements of Cyborg Commando, but it is terrible and incoherent. There are probability charts, math formulas for determining just about everything and many conversion charts you should never use in a game.

Steve: Yeah, okay, Gygax misfired on this one.

Zack: You can partially blame it on the people he was working with, but they are old D&D people too and this wasn't 1978 where crude, weird rules get a pass. Everyone involved should have known better.

Steve: It's still a cool idea.

Zack: Nope.

Steve: Cyborgs fighting aliens around the globe? It's like X-com dude. You gonna tell me you don't like X-com?

Zack: X-com never made me consult a huge chart and convert three different units of measurement just to travel between locations.

Steve: Don't blame the game you could not decide on a single type of measurements.

Steve: They warned you about that.

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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