Zack: "The king has ordered you to peruse the pictures of Flame Princess again."

Steve: I think I'll take the crossbow to the head.

Zack: Now you're seeing things my way. It's a humane death. Clean, quick, just a THUNK sound and then darkness.

Steve: Thanks Flame Princess dude for being a weird creepy dude who turned me into a cynical butthead.

Zack: Yes, thanks James Edward Raggi IV, of the Horrornook Raggis, for sending us your game and introducing us to whoever the Flame Princess is, may she rest in peace.

Steve: I hope this doesn't start a trend of people sending in their creepy RPG supplements.

Zack: That reminds me, if you are an RPG author, developer, or producer, and you would like us to review your product, please contact me or Steve. I can't promise we will be very nice.

Steve: We may be super nice, especially if your game is not at all about giant monster heads coming out of a babe's private area. Like if you sent us an RPG that was like "hot babes swimming and suntanning and doing karate moves topless to relax the RPG" we would give it great comments.

Zack: Does that mean you're soliciting copies of Anima: Beyond Fantasy?

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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